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Summer in our part of the world can seem harsh. Without a proper air conditioner in place, the few months of summer can feel like an eternity. As such, the onus is on your air conditioner to help you battle the heat. That’s why it can be devastating when the AC charged with keeping your home or business cool breaks down.

As much as maintenance of an air conditioner can be stressful, getting an installation can be just as hectic, if not more so. Most customers often feel overwhelmed, not knowing what options are best for them. Luckily we have world-class technicians with vast experience working with air conditioners to help you.
Air conditioners, as well built as they are, cannot last forever. There comes a time you will have to replace your old air conditioner and have a brand new one installed. Given most people have limited experience working with air conditioners, they may not know when to replace their system.

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Here are some of the more obvious signs that your aging air conditioner might be up for a replacement.

  • Your system keeps breaking down. This is a sign that some of the components have been worn out from the possible years of use.
  • Your system has been in use for upwards of ten years.
  • The system does not regulate the temperature uniformly. A sign of this is the room experiencing some hot spots while some areas are cold.
  • Your system uses an R22 refrigerant. This type of refrigerant is outdated and is being phased out.
  • Your electricity bills are higher than normal.


Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

If the signs above apply to you, then you have to take action to replace your air conditioner. We understand that having your air conditioner replaced can be daunting for regular everyday people. Luckily we can serve you and guide you through installing a new air conditioner.

As you decide on installing a new air conditioner, you should also consider maintenance services to ensure you enhance its life span. We have technicians who will help you pick out the best air conditioners for your specific needs.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider if you are still on the fence on whether to invest in a new air conditioner:

  • You enjoy your home/business because of the air conditioning.
  • You appreciate the silence because new air conditioners, especially recent models, are whisper quiet.
  • You save money as the newer models are much more efficient with power.

Before you even get a new conditioner, you should consider a variety of factors such as the size of the room you want to regulate the temperature off, how long you have to use, and general efficiency. Luckily, our highly skilled technicians can help you navigate these factors.


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If you are tired of spending so much on fixing an AC only to get subpar value and having to get fixed again, then it is time to give us a call today. Whether you need an air conditioner installed or maintained, you can reach us via telephone or online.