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We all know that without a proper air conditioning system in place, you will probably be boiling in your home or business. This makes it worse when the summer lasts longer than you probably expected. That is why investing in a proper AC is prudent for many homes and businesses.

Having a broken AC can be more frustrating than not having it entirely. At the same time, the installation and choice of a good air conditioner can seem like a maze a lot of consumers have to navigate. Many people do not know just when they should get a new air conditioner or have their current one fixed.

Air conditioners, as well built as they are, cannot last forever. There comes a time you will have to replace your old air conditioner and have a brand new one installed. Given most people have limited experience working with air conditioners, they may not know when to replace their system.

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Here are some of the more obvious signs that your aging air conditioner might be up for a replacement.

  1. Your system keeps breaking down. This is a sign that some of the components have been worn out from the possible years of use.
  2. Your system has been in use for upwards of ten years.
  3. The system does not regulate the temperature uniformly. A sign of this is the room experiencing some hot spots while some areas are cold.
  4. Your system uses an R22 refrigerant. This type of refrigerant is outdated and is being phased out.


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If some of the signs above apply to you, you may need to replace your air conditioner. This is the best course of action. Though there might be ways to extend its life, it would be even more costly in the long run. Old and faulty air conditioners will offer poorer service while raising your electric bill due to their levels of inefficiency.

Replacing your air conditioner does not have to be as complicated as it might look at surface level. We can help you get the best air conditioner for your purposes. With the help of our highly trained and experienced technicians, we can offer consultation services and give the best options for you.

Remember when getting the AC to make sure you have access to a good maintenance company. They will ensure that you have the best system to manage your needs, as well as your budget.


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Having an air conditioner immediately improves your quality of life, especially so in those harsh summer months. If you are looking for installation, maintenance, or even emergency services, we have a team of qualified technicians ready and willing to help you.

Whether you need an air conditioner installed or maintained, you can reach us via telephone or online. Give us a call today!